A Password Manager For Teams In 2021: The State Of Play

Recrypt – *The* Password Manager For Teams In 2020: The State Of Play

So, you know that Recrypt is the (ahem, best) password manager, designed by devs for devs. You know it’s built to make collaboration safe and secure, and you know it combines simplicity with smart functionality to make your working life a whole lot easier. But what about password managers in general? Where did they come from? Who are the big hitters in the industry (Recrypt aside, of course)? And how can you find the password manager that’s right for your business?  

A (very) brief history of password managers…

The first password manager, PasswordSafe, was designed by Bruce Schneier back in 2002. Released as a free utility application, it was basic in its functionality but opened the doors to a brand new way of storing information securely. 

Fast forward to today and the password management industry has become an established market with several reputable contenders supporting businesses that are looking for an easier, smarter and safer way of storing their sensitive data.

Cool! But who are you?! 

We are Recrypt. Designed and developed by the creative and curious minds at Yozu, a leading software development company based in the UK, Recrypt was born from a need for a password manager app that was intuitive and simple to use.

Like many businesses, technology plays a huge role at Yozu (it’d be a pretty poor software company if it didn’t), and the team relies on a wide range of tools to get jobs done efficiently and effectively. But not all tools are created equal…

We identified one particular area that was really holding devs back; password management and sharing. Many applications had been trialled, and while they worked perfectly well for individuals, collaboration was a real issue. This resulted in vital secrets and passwords being stored in a company Wiki. Practical? Yes. Smart, efficient and scalable. Not so much.  

So, we set out to create a solution that would propel us – and devs everywhere – forward. Enter Recrypt. 

Who are the big players in the password management industry?

Back in 2005, 1Password was established and remains the longest-running provider. This was quickly followed by Enpass (2006), LastPass (2008) and Dashlane (2009). LastPass, Dashlane and 1Password all cater to individuals and families as well as businesses. This is unlike Recrypt, which is designed specifically to support developers, just like you. 

Memory not what it used to be? LastPass and Dashlane both require interaction with their respective services, should you forget your master password. Recrypt, however, allows a single user (or Admin of the business for a Team account) to recover their data with a unique code provided upon sign-up, so your information remains accessible yet secure. 

Why Recrypt is best for tech teams

Built by tech teams for tech teams, Recrypt is the answer to the critical and often frustrating security challenges faced by tech teams. With devs constantly switching from one application to another, remembering passwords can quickly become distracting and draining on productivity. The sense of jumping through hoops for what ought to be a simple process can cause annoyance, and human error is more likely to occur. The result is reduced security, increased risk, and frustrated staff.

Recrypt offers a clean and fuss-free solution without compromising the security of the business, or affecting work rate. 

Password managers such as Recrypt offer an enormous amount of benefits to tech teams; from time saving to, of course, increased security, reassurance and peace of mind. 

Accessible anywhere

Recrypt is a web-based solution that can be accessed anywhere, on all browsers and devices. As today’s workforce becomes increasingly flexible and often remote, it’s essential that password managers effectively support these changes without compromising business security. 

User-friendly design

Recrypt offers a contemporary user experience with its keyboard-first user interface. This makes it quick and easy to switch between applications, using keyboard shortcuts rather than long-winded click-and-point (though a mouse can still be used, if desired). It also has a light and dark mode to suit individual user preferences, save tired eyes and look aesthetically impressive. 

Total control

Recrypt allows you to share passwords securely (the way passwords were supposed to be shared at work) with access only granted to those who need it. Organising individual and team access with total control, password managers ensure that you create streamlined processes within the business; no more bothering Tech Leads for passwords or wasting time waiting for a response. Recrypt offers slick procedures that ensure security discipline and maximum efficiency. 

Time saved

Since tech teams no longer waste precious minutes on searching, navigating and sharing sensitive information, time is used more effectively without compromising security, accessibility or user experience. What’s more, the browser autofill extension offers additional timesaving and reduces risk of human error. 

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