How Secure Are Password Managers for Remote Teams? (2021)

Why Do Businesses Need Password Managers?

With the number of cyber-attacks rising by more than 20% in the last four years, password managers have become more important than ever before. This situation in modern society has made it very clear that cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern for businesses globally. From financial software to social media, an almost constant increase in the need for businesses to use online systems means an almost constant increase in security too.

And now, as businesses find themselves in unprecedented times and remote working reaches an all-time high, never before has the security of online systems been more important.

Reliance on passwords is huge. In fact, this year, the estimated number of passwords used by humans and machines worldwide will grow to 300 billion. Despite such dependence, a recent study found that 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged stolen passwords. Clearly, manually creating and recalling increasing numbers of passwords is not the answer.

Password managers offer a much-needed solution. The Recrypt password management platform enables businesses and their tech teams to easily share passwords and other sensitive information, such as product keys, in a way that’s secure yet simple. Passwords and other important information are kept as “secrets”, which are stored in encrypted “chests”. These chests are then accessed by individuals or teams through a permissions model, meaning that users are only given access to the information that’s relevant to their role.

Password Manager Security Measures

Built by tech teams for tech teams, Recrypt is the answer to the critical and often frustrating security challenges experienced as a tech company. With teams constantly switching from one application to another, remembering passwords can quickly become distracting and drain productivity. The sense of jumping through hoops for what ought to be a simple process can cause annoyance, and human error is more likely to occur. The result is reduced security, increased risk, and frustrated staff.

What’s more, with more people working from home than ever before, the temptation to share sensitive information over unsecured networks is substantial.

Recrypt offers a clean and fuss-free solution without compromising the security of the business or affecting the work rate.

Military-grade AES-256 encryption

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated with tactics evolving rapidly. Password managers like Recrypt use the strongest encryption standard of AES-256. Based on current computing power, this military-grade level of encryption is practically unbreakable, ensuring maximum security for businesses. AES offers additional security due to its key expansion process, where the initial key is used to generate a series of new keys called round keys. Round keys are generated over multiple rounds of modification. As a different key is used in each round, the result is much more complex, meaning it’s a lot harder to break encryption.

What’s more, you can forget about bulky systems that drain your time and slow you down. Since AES is a symmetric key algorithm, it requires less computational power than an asymmetric one, making it a lot faster to run.

Permissions-based model

All parties having access to all passwords is a common – and not at all necessary – occurrence for tech teams, which can result in sensitive information being shared too freely. In fact, a recent study found that 22% of all digital folders within a business were available to every employee.

Recrypt gives you total control over user access. Not only does this significantly minimise the risk of a security breach, it also simplifies the process for individual users as they only have access to that which is related to their role, so you get exactly what you need more quickly.

Zero-knowledge system

Tech teams can rest assured knowing that their ‘secrets’ are well protected, thanks to Recrypt’s use of zero-knowledge architecture. Through a process of salting and hashing, a random string of characters known only to the associated site are added to each password (salting), which is then scrambled to add an additional layer of security (hashing).

Additionally, Recrypt’s zero-knowledge system ensures that no one – not even Recrypt – has access to the master password that underpins the entire password management system, meaning tech teams can share necessary information without ever sharing the master password behind it.

Interested? Claim your free Personal Plan with Recrypt and take advantage of a 30-day free trial of the ‘Team’ plan too, supporting up to 50 users with unlimited secrets, chests and team sharing.

How Does a Zero-Knowledge System Work?

Zero-knowledge systems architecture used in password managers ensures that data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level, rather than server level, offering the highest possible level of privacy and security. Additionally, data is never readable by humans since it’s never stored as plain text by the application, nor received as plain text by the server. What’s more, it is the user’s master password that’s used to decrypt and encrypt data – and since the Recrypt password manager ensures that no one has access to this, data remains completely secure.


How Do My Teams Benefit from a Shared Password Manager?

recrypt password manager

Password managers such as Recrypt offer an enormous amount of benefits to tech teams; from time-saving to, of course, increased security, reassurance and peace of mind.

Accessible anywhere

Recrypt is a web-based solution that can be accessed anywhere, on all browsers and devices. As today’s workforce becomes increasingly flexible and often remote, it’s essential that password managers effectively support these changes without compromising business security.

User-friendly design

Recrypt offers a contemporary user experience with its keyboard-first user interface. This makes it quick and easy to switch between applications, using keyboard shortcuts rather than long-winded click-and-point (though a mouse can still be used, if desired). It also has a light and dark mode to suit individual user preferences, save tired eyes and look aesthetically impressive.

Total control

Recrypt allows you to share passwords securely (the way passwords were supposed to be shared at work) with access only granted to those who need it. Organising individual and team access with total control, password managers ensure that you create streamlined processes within the business; no more bothering Tech Leads for passwords or wasting time waiting for a response. Recrypt offers slick procedures that ensure security discipline and maximum efficiency.

Time saved

Since tech teams no longer waste precious minutes on searching, navigating and sharing sensitive information, time is used more effectively without compromising security, accessibility or user experience. What’s more, the browser autofill extension offers additional time-saving and reduces the risk of human error.

From increased cybersecurity and improved business discipline to easier collaboration without compromise, password managers like Recrypt offer an essential solution to a very real problem facing businesses globally.

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