Rapidly Simplify Business Security.

Start sharing your business-critical information securely. Recrypt stores all of your indispensable company passwords in one place under one master password - and that's it.

Keep track of your master password and Recrypt remembers the rest.

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Step 1: Register

Sign-up for a teams account and create your master password. All you need is an email address and a list of employees you wish to invite to your organisation.

Step 2: Create Organistaion

Create your organisation and invite your team members to join you on Recrypt.

Step 3: Additional Teams

Create additional teams, invite new team members and build as many chests as you like to store endless secrets.



Your business-critical secrets stored the right way.

Build up a comprehensive list of all of your business-critical passwords and store them securely as secrets in Recrypt. Recrypt’s secrets are stored in chests.

Tip: Got secrets you frequently need? Our password manager prioritises your most important secrets and keeps them at the top of your search results for convenience


Chests, Users & Teams

Stop burying your secrets under a pile of papers, keep them orderly and safe in Recrypts unbreakable digital chests!

Your business passwords are a serious treasure to your organisation. We store your business-critical treasures in our digitally encrypted chests. Chests keep your secrets organised, your space tidy, and they empower you to grant the right information to the right teams.

Endless Collaboration

Create unlimited teams, easily invite new team members and build as many chests as you like, to store endless secrets

Assign your guarded chests to select teams to deliver your business credentials to the right employees. Not everybody needs to know the password for the snack cupboard!

password manager

Accessing Recrypt

Powered by the security of the cloud.

Recrypt is a web-based password manager hosted on cloud servers. Access your secrets securely and easily through your favourite web browser at work, at home, or even while you’re on vacation.

Remember though, with two-factor authentication enabled and powered by Google Authenticator, only you can access your account on a trusted device. If you want to sign in on a new device for the first time, you’ll need to provide the Google Authenticator information in order to log in.

password manager

Password Manager Security

Safety shouldn’t be a matter of trust.

As a password manager, our first priority is safeguarding your data. We’ve built Recrypt on the basis of a Zero-Knowledge, this means that we never have the key to your account.

A Zero-Knowledge Encryption means that Recrypt knows nothing about the data you store on our servers. For more information on Zero-Knowledge Encryption system, head over to our security section



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Up to 50 users
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AES-256 encryption and MFA


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