Built by devs who couldn't find the right product

So they built their own.


Who are we?

Recrypt was designed and developed by the creative and curious minds at Yozu, a leading software development company based in the UK. 

Like many businesses, technology plays a huge role at Yozu (it’d be a pretty poor software company if it didn’t) and the team relies on a wide range of tools to get jobs done efficiently and effectively. However, all tools aren’t perfect!

Back in 2017, Yozu devs identified one particular area that was really holding them back – password management and sharing. Many applications had been trialled, and while they worked perfectly well for individuals, collaboration was a real issue. This resulted in vital secrets and passwords being stored in a company Wiki.

Practical? Yes. Smart, efficient and scalable? Not so much.

So, they set out to create a solution that would propel them forward.

Enter Recrypt.

Yozu software business

Why build Recrypt?

The password management market is pretty saturated. So, why would the team at Yozu enter such a competitive field? And how would Recrypt be any different to what was already out there? Put simply, there was a need. A very real, very frustrating need. And the Yozu devs knew how to fulfil it in a way that was yet to be seen by the industry. 

The team needed a solution that didn’t exist. So they created one. And since they were building for themselves, they could do anything they liked with it.

So they built a collaborative, developer-first solution. Robust, simple and good-looking to boot. 

Initially focused on an internal solution, Yozu devs quickly realised that they were not alone when it came to the frustrations of password management. And so began the development of Yozu’s first B2C product, with years of research behind it.

recrypt password app

We are you.

Built by devs for devs, Recrypt was built with developer ‘must-haves’ at its core.  

Keyboard shortcuts were an essential feature (obviously). Switching to and from your dev environment and carrying over your hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts is a breeze with Recrypt’s keyboard first slick UI. If the mouse is your thing then we don’t stop you using it, mice still work!

Energy drink on your left and a coffee on your right? We’ve been there too. That’s why it was essential that Recrypt offered a dark mode, reducing eye strain on those late nights. You won’t be needing those blue light lenses anymore.

Keeping things simple.

Although password managers have grown very popular both for individuals and businesses, many apps are overly complicated.

Simplicity was key for our developers. Working with leading UX specialists, Recrypt was designed to be intuitive, clean and enjoyable to work with.

recrypt password app

If you're a developer

Just like every other password manager, you’ll gain the ability to:

  • Store passwords in a secure AES-256 encrypted vault
  • Access Recrypt via a web browser
  • Create and store new passwords with the help of a password generator
  • Gain access to all of your permission-based passwords in one space

Unlike every other password manager you’ll be able to:

  • Search for passwords quickly and easily using a simple search bar
  • Safely share the passwords your team needs easily and efficiently
  • Customise your experience with Darkmode
  • Navigate the UI with just your keyboard
recrypt dashboard

If you're a business owner or project lead

You’re going to be met with:

The Good stuff

  • Less blockers
  • Less time wasted reseting passwords
  • Less time monitoring the safety of your business
  • Less money wasted on menial tasks

The Great stuff

  • Happier Devs
  • More productivity
  • More time for your devs to spend on the tasks that matter
  • More budget to allocate to other projects/tasks