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Recrypt empowers tech teams to quickly find, use and share important credentials.

Seamless. Secure. Simple.

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Core Features

  • Secure, Safe Password Sharing

    Secure, Safe Password Sharing

    Recrypt is safer than a whisper to a colleague. Start sharing your passwords quickly, securely and with confidence.

  • Purpose Built For Tech Businesses

    Purpose Built For Tech Businesses

    Recrypt offers a unique ‘keyboard first’ user experience – a clean and dynamic interface with keyboard shortcuts familiar to tech teams when navigating applications.

  • Cloud Hosted

    Cloud Hosted

    Recrypt is a web-based application hosted on cloud servers. Access your passwords securely through your favourite web browser.

  • Best-in-Class Security

    Best-in-Class Security

    The level of security provided by Recrypt means that no other person or organisation can access your data - including Recrypt's development team. Your data is protected using 256-bit Advanced Encryptions Standards on mobile devices, computers and cloud-hosted applications.

  • Autofill & Rapid Search

    Autofill & Rapid Search

    Autofill password fields on web pages in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari. If you don't like browser auto-filling, then simply use Recrypt’s rapid search and personalisation features to quickly find and share secrets and keys.

  • Total Admin Control

    Total Admin Control

    Need to share a group of passwords to a specific development team? Designate chest access to the appropriate team members only.

Recrypt Security: The White Paper

Do you require an in-depth explanation regarding our encryption methods and Zero-knowledge protocol? We’ve produced a white paper on all on the detailed information you need, click below to read on.

Read More

Your team will be in awe of Recrypt

Recrypt’s clean and dynamic interface makes it a beautiful tool to use and will save time so your team can focus on the work that matters.

Designed with both a light and dark mode, Recrypt will reduce eye strain and prolong battery life on the go. Plus let’s be honest, dark mode just looks a little sleeker!

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